Care Instructions

Thank you so much for purchasing from and supporting Ash Designs! We are honoured you chose to invest in us and want to help maintain the quality of your new purchase. For the best durability of your handmade or hand curated products, please follow the care instructions below. 


Clay Earrings: Handle earrings with care and do not store in places of extreme temperature (purses, cars, etc.). Do not bend earrings, this can affect the integrity of its strength. Brass pieces may tarnish which is easily remedied by cleaning with a clean cloth and lime juice (or lemon juice, ketchup, vinegar).

Charm/Metal Earrings: While these earrings are sterling silver, stainless steel, gold plated or gold filled, it is recommended you do not wear these in water to avoid tarnishing and increase longevity of the product.

Bracelets: The string used to make the bracelets is stretchy in nature however the optimal method to wear your bracelet without altering the size is to gently roll the bracelet onto and off of your wrist.

Necklaces: Store in dry area and do not wear in water to reduce tarnishing. Dainty necklaces are delicate, please do not pull on the chain or pendants as this can cause them to break.